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Adopters needed to keep siblings together in South Yorkshire

4 January

By Tim Dale

BBC News

Siblings often wait longer for an adoptive family, One Adoption South Yorkshire said

Adopters are needed to ensure brothers and sisters in South Yorkshire are able to stay together.

One Adoption South Yorkshire, the area's regional adoption agency, said there are 33 children in sibling groups in need of a family.

The agency said brothers and sisters tend to wait longer for an adoptive family.

It said adopting a sibling group meant parents only had to go through the process once to complete their family.

Stephanie Evans, head of One Adoption South Yorkshire, said: "We're asking the people of South Yorkshire to consider keeping brothers and sisters together by giving them the loving, stable, permanent home they need."

She said there were lots of positives to adopting siblings.

"Children adopted together are more likely to settle into their new home quickly, develop key social skills like sharing, as well as nurturing their own identity and sibling bond.

"It also means you only have to go through the adoption process once to create your family."

She said the agency welcomed adopters from all backgrounds and said prospective parents are supported throughout the process.

Ms Evans added said it was a "huge decision" for anyone.

"At times it is challenging, as parenthood is for everyone, but adoption is an incredibly rewarding and positive experience, and our team is always on hand to offer support and answer your questions."

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