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Case booked against illegal adoption

November 23, 2023 08:27 pm | Updated 08:27 pm IST

An inquiry, into a petition sent to the Chief Minister’s cell, held in Tiruchi revealed that a two-year-old boy from Sivakasi had been given for illegal adoption to a childless couple in Tiruchi.

Sivakasi East police have registered a case against the biological parents in Sivakasi and the adopted parents in Tiruchi along with few others for cheating, forgery and under the provisions of Adoption Act and Juvenile Justice and Care Act.

The police said that the biological parents had two sons aged 3 and 2. In the meantime, the woman had deserted the husband over a quarrel and was living separately.

Since the father could not raise both the sons single-handedly, the man, who was running a matrimonial office in Tiruchi, came across the issueless couple in Tiruchi. Subsequently, the second son was handed over to the Tiruchi couple. A police officer claimed that no evidence for monetary transaction for “selling” the baby has been found so far.

The adopted parents had attempted to get a birth certificate for the boy with fake documents that they were the biological parents of the boy.

When someone alerted the authorities, they were caught by the Child Welfare Officer in Tiruchi.

Based on his alert, the Child Welfare Officer in Virudhunagar, Tirupathi, lodged a complaint with the Sivakasi East police station.

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