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Diwali Advent Calendar

Who says advent calendars are for Xmas only?!

It's not quite finished but I made an advent calendar for the kids for diwali (yes I know its just gone) but will use it next year!

Each tub shares a little bit of the story leading to navratri and then diwali. The tubs are big enough to put bits in for the kids like you would an advent calendar. I can't take credit for the story or number cards but the rest is my handywork.

I am forever looking for different ways to speak and teach the kids about our culture and this was a brilliant idea to mix "east meets west"!

I purchased the number and story template which sits inside from etsy:

Countdown to Diwali Calendar Starter Kit | Etsy

The board and tubs were from Amazon.

Link for the board - Navaris Magnetic Whiteboard Memo Board - 40 x 60 cm Writable Dry Erase Notice Message Board for Wall with Magnets and Marker - Indian Sun : Stationery & Office Supplies

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