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Doing something for those in need

As much as we love Christmas day and family time today was about reflecting.

Anay and Siya have been asking that we do something for people in need and we chose Christmas day to create boxes of food for those sleeping rough.

We drove 3.5 hours on Christmas Day afternoon and handed over food boxes between Solihull and Birmingham to those sleeping rough and in need of food. Not only was it heartbreaking to see these people sleeping rough but also how grateful they were for the small token of food that we gave them.

The kids have walked away reflecting on how grateful they are to have food everyday and also conscious about not wasting food!

On New Year's Day the kids asked to do the same. Having been out on New Years Day afternoon for just over an hour they heard a couple of stories as to why the person was homeless. One of the homeless was an ex-social worker for the homeless, and today she found herself homeless from no fault of her own.

On hearing the story and another homeless telling Anay he really appreciated it and it made a big difference to him, both the children decided they would like to do it more often.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to take some time out at least once a month to provide food for the homeless.

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