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EastEnders confirms groundbreaking and shocking child farming story for George Knight

Published Dec 29, 2023, 8:00pm| Updated Dec 31, 2023, 2:29pm

George gets a major shock (Picture: BBC)

Following the arrival of his adoptive parents, George Knight (Colin Salmon) in EastEnders will make a huge discovery about his past when 2024 begins.

Shortly after Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) and Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) turn up in Walford, they will tell George that he was adopted via a process known as farming, which saw children advertised for money for parents looking to give young people a home.

This life-changing news will lead George to a revelation about his heritage, which causes him to question the identity his parents impressed upon him since his adoption.

As Gloria and Eddie get settled into life in Albert Square, viewers will learn they are still hiding secrets from their son.

Eddie’s racist ideologies will also come to the fore as his troubled relationships with his family are exposed when they challenge him on his views.

To ensure the storyline is handled as sensitively and as accurately as possible, EastEnders has worked with experts and several people with lived experiences of farming.

George’s adoptive parents Gloria and Eddie make their way to Walford (Picture: BBC)

George’s life turns upside down (Picture: BBC)

Speaking about the storyline, Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw said: ‘EastEnders has a rich history of telling challenging yet truthful stories which reflect past and present events.

‘George Knight’s storyline will force him to question the identity his parents gave him from childhood as he discovers the true means by which he was adopted.

‘It was imperative that we worked with experts and people with lived experience of farming to ensure the storyline is handled as sensitively and as accurately as possible.’

As the Knight family got used to life as new owners of the Queen Vic, it was confirmed Anna and Gina’s mum Rose was actually Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who had been living undercover after her arrest over 20 years ago.

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