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FIR slapped on eight in illegal adoption case

Feb 20, 2024, 08:18 IST

Mumbai: The police have registered an illegal adoption case against the biological parents and the adoptive family of a one-year-old boy.

The due process of adoption was not followed, said the police.

The police booked eight persons after the boy fell ill and was admitted to Wadia Hospital, where staff felt the parents did not appear to be the biological parents.

The hospital informed the police.

Police officials said that as the crime took place in Raigad, they registered the offence and transferred the case to Raigad police.

A police official revealed that the child was initially sold by his mother, Deepti Pavse, to a family for Rs 5,000. The adoptive family then sold the child to another family for Rs 40,000.

Besides Pavse, the accused named in the FIR are Chandrakant Waghmare, Shewanti Waghmare, Parshuram Chogle, Malti Chogle, Lakshmi Patil, Bhaskar Chaulkar and Tukaram Rama Patil. S Ahmed Ali

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