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Functions of Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency

The Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency shall perform the following functions, namely:-

  1. Register the prospective adoptive parents interested to adopt children from India and to complete their Home Study Report expeditiously;

  2. Follow-up with Specialised Adoption Agency for ensuring early adoption after receipt of No Objection Certificate for the adoption from the Authority;

  3. Give orientation to the prospective adoptive parents on culture, language and food of the place to which the adopted child belongs;

  4. Ensure the submission of post-adoption follow-up of the progress of adopted children and to address the cases of disruption, as specified in regulation 19;

  5. Arrange get-togethers of children of Indian origin and their adoptive families from time to time with the involvement of the Indian diplomatic mission concerned;

  6. Facilitate root search by older adoptees; and

  7. Upload attested copies of the adoption application of the prospective adoptive parents in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System and forward the original of the same to the allotted Specialised Adoption Agency;

  8. Fulfill the legal requirements of the host country as well as the terms and conditions of the authorisation given by the Authority.

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