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HIYA's HOMECOMING | Author Interview | Adoptive Parent | Sharing Adoption Story | Adoption Awareness

Somdatta's book transcends mere storytelling, delving deeper to convey a profound message resonating strongly with adoptive parents. Through her work, she adeptly normalizes adoption, ensuring its message is heard loud and clear. My heartfelt congratulations to her on this achievement. I recently engaged in a detailed conversation with Somdatta, discussing her book and her journey as an adoptive parent.

Link to purchase her book:

Hiya's homecoming is a beautiful tale of a little girl's journey home to her parents through the process of adoption. The story weaves through Hiya's experiences as she sets her foot into a new world and meets new people. Eleven-months-old Hiya started her life in a place called Miracle Home. She was going to her forever home soon with her parents. How will her new life be? Will she have friends to play with like she always did? Will forever home be a fun place? You must read this book to discover what happens in Hiya's life during her journey home and beyond.

Families are formed in different ways, the only thing common in them is love. Hiya, Snowy, Amma, Appa form one such unique mad family. This book is about this family's adventure as they find each other and creates a special bond.

  • If you have children aged 7+ years of age and you want them to empathize on diverse family set-up and be comfortable with their class-mates who are adoptees , this book is for your child .

  • If you are an adoptive parent yourself then this book will make your home coming story time fun and easy.

  • The intention of writing this book was to create awareness on adoption so that adoptees feel accepted in our society without any biases or assumptions on how their life might look like.

  • As an adoptive mother myself, I have added a parent's note at the end to break common myths around adoption and provide important information about adoption process in India.

  • This book is loosely based on our own personal journey with our daughter. Although the characters and the incidents are entirely fictitious, you would find a lot of personal touch in this book.

  • There are few beautiful Illustrations from Sandip Choudhury, to imagine Hiya's experiences more vividly.

So why wait? Grab a copy of Hiya’s homecoming today and enjoy a beautiful adoption story from heart to home.

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