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Indian-origin woman meets adoption centre guardian; video makes netizens tear up

  • June 19, 2024 12:49 IST

In the video, Shivani Schulz and the woman, who used to be her guardian at the orphanage she was adopted from, can be seen bursting into tears.

She visited the orphanage after 18 years.

Shivani Schulz, an Indian-origin woman, returned to the Delhi orphanage she was adopted over 18 years ago. There, she met the woman who used to be the guardian to her and her younger brother. Schulz, who visited the orphanage with her husband and daughter, shared a video capturing the parting moments with the guardian, showing both of them bursting into tears. The video has now gone viral.

Schulz, in a series of videos on her Instagram, shared her adoption story. According to these videos, Schulz’s biological father was an abusive man who used to beat her mother, and even held a gun to her head at one point. Her parents eventually got a divorce but Schulz and her brother used to travel back and forth between her parents’ houses.

One day, as they were going to their father’s house, Schulz and her brother got lost at a train station. Her mother was nowhere to be seen. A stranger took them to an orphanage for babies, and was transferred to another orphanage after a week. Both the kids were adopted by a family three years later, when Schulz was six years old. In another video, Schulz narrated how she faced horrible abuse at the orphanage.

Schulz, with overlay texts on the video, narrated how she met the woman who took care of her and her brother at the orphanage, and how the woman broke into tears as she was leaving. Schulz started crying too. “In that moment, I felt like I was looking at my birth mom, and in a way, this woman was a mom to me for three years,” the text said.

Despite the language barrier—she spoke no English, and Schulz couldn’t speak Hindi—they shared a moment of understanding that transcended words. Schulz conveyed she was doing okay in life.

Watch the video here:

Schulz also wrote, “I was able to forgive her from the heart for things I had against her, and I saw that she truly loved me and my brother and had done the best she could.”

The video triggered a wave of social media users flooding the comments with heartfelt blessings and praise. One user commented, “You must take care of her as well when she will be old. Will appreciate if you would post that video as well. Promise her that you will never leave her alone.”

A second user said, “This made cry! This is so powerful Shivani! God is so good and faithful.” And a third Instagram user commented, “This is amazing. Great to see God blessing you! What an experience.”

Another user wrote, “Immensely moving, the power of love, empathy, embracing and forgiveness ❤️ nothing but immense love and goodness to you both.”


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