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Jharkhand: Abandoned child gets new home and family in Italy


TIMESOFINDIA.COMSep 18, 2023, 10:59 IST

In a historic move, an adoption agency in Jharkhand has granted international adoption for the first time in the district. An Italian couple who have been residing in Italy adopted a child who was rejected by his mother and family. The couple, who had been trying to have a child for years, completed all necessary legal procedures and took the child back to Italy with them. The child's journey from birth to adoption has been emotional, with his family refusing to take him in after his medical condition was discovered.

NOIDA: In a historic move, the adoption agency in Jharkhand's Dumka has granted international adoption for the first time in the district. The child, whom the mother and family had rejected, has found a new home in Italy with an Italian couple who have been residing in the southern Italian region of Cosenza for the past four years. Dumka’s adoption agency (SAA) has handed over the boy to the Italian couple after completing all the necessary legal procedures.

Dumka's then Deputy Commissioner Ravi Shankar Shukla had issued an adoption order in favour of the Italian couple on March 4, 2023.


The child's adoptive father is a police officer in Italy, and his wife is a homemaker. Neither of them knows English or Hindi, so they brought an interpreter with them from Delhi when they visited Dumka in the last week of August. The Italian couple explained that they got married in 2008 but have not been blessed with any children due to infertility issues.

Getting a Passport for the Child

The Italian couple decided to adopt a child two years ago. They registered on the website and were delighted when they received the child int their family. They brought numerous toys and gifts from Italy for the child. The child’s passport was already prepared earlier. The Italian couple arrived in Dumka with the child, completed the visa process, and then went to Delhi with the child. From there, they returned to Italy with the child. This is the 18th and the first inter-country adoption from Dumka since 2018.

Child's Journey from Birth to Adoption

The child's journey, from birth to adoption, has been a deeply emotional one. A woman from the Saraiyahat police station area in Dumka went to another state to work with her husband. She returned to her family a year later, pregnant. She gave birth to the child at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, but left him there when she learned about his health issues. She had written her address in Dumka. Therefore, Delhi CWC contacted Dumka CWC. After knowing about the child’s medical condition, Dumka CWC requested to bring him back to Dumka for treatment. When the child was brought back, his family refused to take him in.


Legal Clearance for Adoption after Treatment

Dumka CWC had the child treated at RIMS and declared him legally free for adoption on December 30, 2019. Due to his special needs, Indian childless couples, upon seeing him, refused to adopt him. Therefore, Dumka CWC opened him for inter-country adoption. The Italian couple, upon viewing the child's photo and medical reports, accepted him for adoption."

(This story was originally published in Navbharat Times)

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