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'Mother-in-law refuses to accept my adopted daughter as grandchild - I got revenge'

By Emma Rowbottom

07:00, 10 Feb 2024

A woman has banned her 'spiteful' mother-in-law from her wedding as she won't accept her adopted daughter as a flower girl as she's not a 'blood relation'

She banned her mother-in-law from the wedding ceremony after her 'hateful' behaviour (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A woman has shared how she banned her mother-in-law from attending her wedding following her "spiteful" actions. The 25-year-old met her husband-to-be at school, and after seven years of dating, they decided to tie the knot.

However, family tensions flared after her fiancé’s mother made it clear how she felt about the woman’s existing daughter, causing upset and anger as the big day approached. She said: “I truly love him, and thankfully get along with most of his family. Except for his mum. She is continuously nagging at me for not giving her a grandson. I know this may be harmless, however, my fiancé has repeatedly told her that she already has a grandchild.”

She then went on to the tell how her five-year-old daughter was in fact her god-daughter who she had taken in when her best friend sadly passed away: “It only felt right that I should take her in and bring her up in a way I knew her mother, my best friend, would want.”

Recently, however, her mother-in-law created bad blood between the family, after making it clear that her adopted daughter shouldn’t have the same ‘rights’ as a true blood-related child.

She said: “We both decided to make our daughter a flower girl, she loves flowers and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to help her feel like we have taken her as our own. My fiancé's mother has been non-stop horrible to my baby girl, saying things like, ‘I simply don't understand why an adopted child should take the place of true blood', which made my blood boil.”

After pulling her mother-in-law to one side to ask her to tone down her comments, a furious row erupted between the pair, with the woman taking her child and leaving. However, when her fiancé returned home, he told how his mother had accused his wife-to-be of being ‘verbally abusive towards her and making threats. I did no such thing,” she said angrily.

After trying to make amends before the wedding day, she took her daughter to her mother-in-law’s house, running up the stairs when she heard her screaming: “I rushed up the stairs and saw my daughter, Ellie, crying, while my fiancé’s mum was standing screaming at her, holding her teddy which her mother made. They are inseparable and I know how much that means, it's a struggle to even wash the teddy, and I immediately snapped once more at her.”

As the two women rowed, she revealed that her mother-in-law told her she was: “Upset that I had chosen ‘fake blood over real blood,'" leading to her heatedly telling her mother-in-law that if she had a problem with their daughter being a flower girl, she should skip the wedding reception.

She admitted: “She began crying, and I did feel bad, but I wasn't going to take back what was said. The family have been telling my husband I need to apologise, as what I said was harsh.”

After telling her tale on Reddit, readers were furious on her behalf: “I hope your fiancé has your back on this one. I feel sorry for your daughter. When you and your fiancé have children together it's clear his family is going to treat her even worse.”

Another commented: "Anyone who thinks it's ok for an older woman to yell at a child who just lost her own biological mother would be not so kindly told to get the f*** out of my life. That family is a lost cause.” One reader believed the drama would be never-ending: “Even if they go full no contact with his family I'm sure the drama will never end. Give this daughter stability, somewhere else.”

“I can promise you, this will always be horrible and never get better,” commented another. “These people don't know how to be human. Cancel the wedding if he doesn’t have your back. Toxic people have no place in your life. Don't give them space to harm your children."

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