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NO Adoption in INDIA! Reason Explained | Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai - cofounder - ADOPT INDIA| TLRS EPS 20

Girls are Unwanted in India during adoption?,

Were ‘Lord Krishna and Sita Adopted?, Is there an act for adoption?Reasons for less adoptions in India. Can we leave the child back in the adoption center if as a parent we are unable to connect with the child emotionally? Many of these unanswered, shocking and thought provoking questions on adoption have been addressed today by Mr.Vidhyadhar Prabhudesai- the founder of Adopt India and founder of LeadCap, he's the recipient of Thane Gaurav, second highest civilian award instituted by Thane Municipal Corporation who has himself adopted and added a beautiful daughter forming a lovely family. He's with us today to unveil the various loopholes and challenges in the legal adoption system or India. Why do many parents fall victim to the route of adopting children through illicit means and also talk about many other eye opening real life occurrences in the subject of adoption. Watch the full episode to find out everything about Adoption in India! 

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