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Rabia and Olivia

The plot

Rabia and Olivia is a story of a child and her care-taker. How the bond between two grows into a bond of mother and daughter and how there is drastic change in the behaviour of Olivia under the Rabiya's care. But due to some unthoughtful events,Rabiya got arrested and there start an online campaign in the justice of Rabiya.

The intensity and fire in their efforts is so overwhelming that gradually more and more people, join them in support of their noble mission. Ultimately, on the grounds of humanity, media, politicians and common people come together in the form of a humanity and made Rabiya meet Olivia.

How does thia relate to adoption?!

Watched this last night and omg!!!! It really got me thinking about how this could relate to adoption. Siya obviously doesn't know her birthday mother and she hasn't had a chance to share her feelings over this loss but one day she may feel this! The story got me thinking and allowed me to reflect on how we would support her with this as her parents!!

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