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Self-proclaimed Workaholic Parents Give Up 3-month-old Daughter For Adoption

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Last Updated: APRIL 02, 2024, 17:46 IST

Delhi, India

The man shared the story on Reddit.

The father of the child shared why they gave up their daughter for adoption.

Some parents feel that having a kid is a burden. One couple felt the same recently; so much so, that they took a drastic step. This story has grabbed the attention of those on Reddit. The couple gave up their 3-month-old daughter named Elizabeth for adoption, and the reason for that will leave you shocked. Their story left the internet fuming. The father shared the story online. As per him, their little one was not fitting into their lifestyle. He also shared that his wife did not seem to interact much with their 3-month-old, unless the little one needed feeding, changing or bathing. The father shared that he and his wife are “workaholics, and very stubborn,” and used to getting things their way. After her pregnancy, the husband thought that his wife should make use of the maternity leave, but she went back after two weeks.

The couple decided that the wife would not be breastfeeding Elizabeth; as the woman was not keen on the idea and with her job, it would be quite challenging. He also pointed out that his wife did not interact much with Elizabeth, whereas he finds his approach with the child is more interactive. He raised concerns regarding the different parenting styles.

The newborn baby’s parents decided to give Elizabeth up for adoption, but could not settle on in or out of family adoption. He shared that his mother-in-law – who has also been taking care of the child – could take custody of the child, if she wished; and the second alternate was his sister-in-law. As per the Reddit thread, the couple were contacted by child services after they were allegedly accused of child abandonment.

A comment read, “They never wanted a child, they wanted what it represented: the fulfilment of the next step in their perfectly planned lives.” One user wrote, “This dude sounds like he has zero emotion at all. Basically treated the abandonment of their child as a transactional exchange between 2 parties.” Another commented, “These people sound like robots, or aliens trying out human life.”

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