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Siya's first hair cut after being adopted for charity

The above picture was taken on the day when we first picked her up in October 2019 to bring her home.

The above picture shows how short her hair was. She has never had her hair longer than this in the orphanage as they used to shave it off. We had requested this be stopped in April 2019 after visiting her for the first time.

Siya was one of many children in the orphanage that could never experience what it was like to have long hair due to hygiene! We in fact picked her up with very short hair. Since she has been with us, she has loved growing her hair to the length that it has and today asked if she could cut it short! In talking about cutting her hair we spoke to her about the little princess trust and what they would do if she was to donate her hair to them!

So our baby girl has decided that her first hair cut since she has been with us will be donated to those little princesses in need!

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