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Solihull siblings hand out food parcels to homeless

Sarah Mason22nd Jan, 2022

A PAIR of kind-hearted Solihull siblings have been making and handing out handed out food parcels to the homeless.

Anay and Siya Kotecha, created 16 boxes full of crisps, biscuits, chocolate and a drink before heading to Birmingham.

The six and four year olds were out for just over an hour and spoke with several people about their stories.

Parents Rakesh and Trushali adopted Siya two years ago and Rakesh said she has experienced it first hand and Anay has witnessed it so they both wanted to do something to feed the homeless locally.

Inspired by what they heard they have decided they want to keep making food parcels and handing them out every month.

To donate contact Rakesh on 07967551135.

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