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The Journey of a Mother - book written by the mother based on Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway

Book overview

(About the Book)

The Journey of a mother is based on author’s real life where she shared her own experiences and conspiracy and unlawful practices of child welfare in Western Countries. The real journey of a woman’s life through an emotionally challenging marriage, settling in a new country and her children being taken away from her by the foreign government, and then the long fight to get her children back, is narrated in the book. The dramatic unravelling case had been most well-known as a “Bhattacharya’s child custody row”. The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway’ will be based on this story.


A post graduate in Public System Management, a mother and now an author, Sagarika Chakraborty was born and raised in the Kolkata India. She migrated to Norway after marriage and where she decided to settle with her husband but she lost her two babies. The child Welfare abducted her both babies and placed them to the foster care until 18 years. After a prolong debacle she is now back to her normal life and settled here as a software Development engineer with her two kids in her hometown.

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