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Things we watch still affect us and what we experienced in our adoption journey!

Back in 2022....

Anupamaa.... a show I have watched for some time but an episode I watched tonight has seriously triggered some awful memories from our adoption journey! It has left me in tears tonight! In the show they have just started fostering a child from an orphanage with intention to adopt.

Our adoption journey was a journey that raks and I were so excited about, a journey we chose to share with close family and friends. However it was a journey where we also learnt who our true well wishers were! 💔

The questions we faced about our reasoning to go through this journey (we shouldn't have ever been asked to justify), questions about my fertility (again why should I justify), questions about why we would do this to our son (do what?! Give him a sibling? But if I was pregnant it would be justified?), questions about taking anays inheritance (again overstepping the mark no? But would be justified if I was pregnant!).

We received opinions on how people didn't agree with our decision (we didn't ask for your opinion though!)

It is safe to say since we have adopted Siya those opinions and questions haven't stopped but I as a person have changed. A mother that is super protective of her children, a mother who has distanced herself from so called family and friends for their part in making us feel sh*t for doing an amazing deed, a mother who no longer cares about what you think of my responses to your bullying tactics! This mum has become stronger than ever!

All I have to say is thank you to those that put us through that! You have allowed me to become who I am today AND most importantly allowed me to wipe you out of my life! ❤

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